Bryan Bush is a multi-instrumentalist and composer with a lifetime’s concentration on music theory, technique and performance. Born and raised in the city of Chicago, he is a product of a musical family. His father is a saxophonist and mom a violinist.  Performance, production and composition were the norm in the Bush household.

Bryan Bush

Bryan’s musical journey began with classical piano lessons at the early age 5 years old.  By 12 he taught himself how to play the bass guitar to become the bass player for his older brother’s band. Bryan was “a natural” and mastered his bass grooves which were highly influenced by Louis Johnson, James Brown and The JBs and Prince and his Minneapolis Sound. By high school he was the bassist for the school’s stage band. There he would evolve in Jazz improvisation and was blessed to study the craft with renowned bassist Michael Manson. Having mastered the bass, Bryan began gigging with his brothers and other musicians across Chicagoland.

Bryan continued his musical education by enrolling in Chicago State University’s music education program.  Additionally, Bryan gained technique, knowledge and inspiration from Bill “The Buddha of Bass” Dickens who became a great friend and mentor. It was during Bryan’s college years that he became a highly sought-after bass player on Chicago’s music scene.  Bryan grooved at clubs such as Green Dolphin Street, the Jazz Bulls, the Elbow Room, the Double Door, Hot House, and the House of Blues. After graduating with a BA Degree in Music Education, Bryan left Chi-Town for the pursuit of a career in Los Angeles.

Bryan Bush

In Los Angeles  Bryan has proven that he can shine as an educator, composer, performer, studio musician, and band leader.  Not long after moving to LA, Bryan performed as the bassist in the house band for a late-night comedy show on the Comedy Central television network.  Bryan has toured from Japan to Europe and all across the United States and is known to be a creative, versatile and resourceful Musical Director.  Some of his work includes performances with Andre Crouch, the late Tina Marie, Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Snoop Dog, The Game and many others.

Bryan is currently working in the studio and performing with UK Universal artist Rainy Milo.